(at the beginning of this message was a beautifully "drawn" piece of computer art, meticulously created with keyboard characters such as "@" and "^"-- unfortunately, it didn't reproduce very well when I transferred the message to html--anyway, it was a pretty picture of some mountains and stuff)

From: Walter
TO: English Class,
DATE: 10/17/95 1:28 PM
RE: Mountains of Joy unspeakable \\ //

\\ //

@ O



...........ONE FLESH.

Well, my virtual friends, I married P.

She is indeed as tantalizing as Calixta, and I roll Bobinot and

Alcee into one for her, and the immediacy of the affinity we

have is abounding over Robert and Edna, and what I hunt is

her true inner beauty, which I will never kill as did Jewett's

Heron or Gillman's Doctor. The high lofty and precious thoughts

and intents of her heart anyone at anytime can look in on me

and find me nurtuing like the man that Sylvia decided to wait

for, one who would be a better friend than the birds would.


Folks, please pardon our absence for those days that we spent up in the

high meadows, narrow passes, and chalet casitas of the New Mexico

mountains. The time was sweet and the 40+ year honeymoon has had

a joyous beginning.

If any of you notice that we had missed an important virtual-essay, we

will welcome you resending your heart-felt writings. We did collect over

140 pieces of e-mail, but I can tell from the contents that some of ya'll's

essays did'nt reach us as they did others.