And finally, here's a message combining personal greetings, questions about the class, and advice on my social life!

Hi there!

Well, the truck and tractor pull wasn't so bad. We took the little girls I babysit, and the little one, A (fixin' to be 4 yrs.), told S on the way home that she was going to get a big, blue truck and name it "Big Foot". It could have been a lot worse!

Well, I think this time my rough draft went through, I sent it again tonight. I sent it last night, I don't know what happened, but I must have messed something up,...somewhere. And I don't have any other papers to respond to because most of them were on there last week when AOL was having problems. Did you find out how to get them back yet?

So are you gonna get to have your kids with you on Thanksgiving tomorrow? I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

Don't work too hard, and try to have a social life or something! SMILE BIG!!!!,