Identifying with the Literature

I have had this experience this semester by

> >reading Flannery O'Connor's works. All the critics write of the

> >sadness to see her talent end with her death. I feel the sadness

> >because I am being evaluated for something that is related to lupus,

> it

> >is incurable and the cause is not known. I can tell you first hand of

> >the feeling of having a nasty antinuclear antibody disease where you

> >can feel your own body eating away at itself, a constant buzzing in

> the

> >ears and anticipate other horrors to come. I will not know if my case

> >will be mild or severe as the disease affects each person differently.

> >So it is with this franticness that Flannery's grace, works and

> >religious themes have given me comfort and shown me their meaning even

> >though she and her works are from another time and place (religion).

> >Her outlet in writing and her example have shown me her courage.

> There

> >is so much written about her works to ponder and discover about the

> >meaning of life. Just when you think you have understood all there is

> >to know on a subject the reader's perspective may change and the

> >literature may impart a whole new meaning.

student on Amlit2-L (anonymous)