The Dialogue Continues

Wow! That's what it's like? Uh...I don't think I can handle it. Thanks anyway for your time.
Wait! Don't go. That was only the first session. They settle down, you know.
I could never teach in that kind of environment. I tend to divide my classes into two parts: one a lecture on the material, the other questions and answers or discussion about the material. Much of the time I find myself lecturing the entire class either because students don't come prepared for discussion or because the material is beyond them. It doesn't seem as if you can do that on a MOO.
Oh, but you can! You can do just about everything in a MOO that you can in a traditional class. If you want the students to discuss, you can post the questions as you saw in the previous transcript. If you prefer to lecture, you can create slide projectors to display lecture material. When I was preparing for this class, I created lectures and put them up on a projector. It was a little difficult at first, because I had to format the lectures differently. You can only display about 24 lines on a screen without having to scroll down. So I had to make sure that each chunk of information had a logical break at that point. But aside from that, it's quite possible to lecture on a MOO. Well, as long as you don't mind being interrupted.

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