Lectures in MOOspace

Well, after that MOO session my head was spinning. They didn't even look at all the handouts I gave them. And my lectures! If they couldn't even read the discussion questions in an adult fashion, what fate awaited those long, diligently prepared lessons? Well, for better or for worse, I was stuck with it, unless I switched strategies completely to a mail-based form of teaching and communication. And I was tempted. Sorely. MOOs just didn't lend themselves well at all to a lecture-based form of teaching.

MOOs are active spaces; students can't be expected to "sit still and be quiet." To do so is to undercut the potential of MOOs as learning spaces. As you saw from Oren's piece, MOOs allow students the opportunity to create their learning and to reflect upon that process. A lecture-based heuristic is better left in traditional classrooms than imposed on MOO space.

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