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Pixelated Rhetorics

A Whiteboard for Commentary from the Editorial Board ofKairos

For this first issue of Kairos,  the editorial staff has taken on the project of beginning to define a new format, called Pixelated Rhetorics. There shouldn't, there can't, be a final and enduring definition of this format; however, it must also be given some shape. Jeff Galin, Richard Selfe, and Dean Fontenot of the Kairos,  Editorial Board have accepted the challenge of the blank pixeled slate -- and the "form" each takes in Pixelated Rhetorics is apropos for the space created by Kairos.

The following first entries reflect Pixelated Rhetorics' aspirations to become a site of dialogue of issues important to the expanding and changing fields Kairos  addresses. If the format seems familiar, it should; it appropriates Rhetoric Review's  definition of the "Burkean Parlor" of academic discourse, with the newness (Heidegger's throwness ) of newcomers to an academic discussion in media res  and a place others will recognize as the ongoing discourse of their field.

We also recognize the homonym "pixilated" ... whimsical and playful. The best kinds of Burkean Parlors always are.

Pixelated Rhetorics for Kairos  1:1 ...
  • Dean Fontenot
  • Jeffery R. Galin
  • Richard Selfe
  • Comment on Pixelated Rhetorics!

    Kairos 7.3
    vol. 1 Iss. 1 Spring 1996