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Turning Technophobes into Technofaculty
Dean Fontenot

Campus Restructuring. I don't think it's surprising that the Internet is becoming a viable tool for teaching; what is surprising is that there are still numerous administrators and faculty members who don't want to have anything to do with it. As a friend of mine recently said, those people hope desperately that the Web and all parts of the Internet will go away, or they think they will just be able to wait it out.

We, those who are reading Kairos,  are so involved with the Internet that it sometimes seems impossible that there are people who not only are afraid of it (those lovely technophobes), but who don't see how the Internet, or something very similar to it, will be the educational institution of the future--and the not-too-distant future, either. Not only will the Internet break down the walls of the traditional classroom, it will aid in the implosion of the campus itself.

Campuses, the traditional campus of buildings, parking lots, and stadiums, are becoming far too expensive to maintain. The expense of education is not in faculty salaries, but in maintenance and overhead. What the Internet, especially the Web and MOOs, offers is virtual classrooms, inexpensive campus sites that can be accessed by anyone wanting the education.

Distance Education, a part of our system for quite some time, is becoming a major factor in our national educational system, and the Internet is becoming a vital part of that system. It is our responsibility to not only learn to publish on the Web and to build sites similar to those published in Kairos,  but also to empower the Internet as a teaching tool and to gently turn technophobes into techno-faculty.

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    vol. 1 Iss. 1 Spring 1996