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From the Editor:


While it's nice to have the opportunity to explain the demands facing a project like Kairos,  this would not be a true "Editor's Note" if I did not spend a paragraph or two of bandwidth acknowledging the many people who have made this first issue possible.

  • Fred Kemp and Trent Batson of the Alliance for Computers and Writing generously agreed to sponsor this project, sight -- or is that "site"? -- unseen.

  • Joseph Unger, Douglas Eyman, and the aforementioned Rob Jennings provided invaluable production assistance.

  • The members of our Editorial Board have patiently helped us figure out their job descriptions while they were doing them.

    And I would be remiss if I did not point out that this journal, in many ways, owes its existence to the previous work of John December and the staff of Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine.  Eight members of the Kairos  team gained early Web publishing experience either writing for, or working on the staff of, CMCM.

    Finally, a grateful nod to Elizabeth, Mike, Jason, Greg, Amy, and Corey. Whoever said that working with your friends was a dangerous idea needs to meet all of you. Six months after an evening in Juarez, Mexico, I'm sure glad I did.

    Ready to hit reload,
    Mick Doherty
    Editor, Kairos

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    Kairos 7.3
    vol. 1 Iss. 1 Spring 1996