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From the Assistant Editor:

Thoughts on Purpose

Notes from Elizabeth Pass on the making of Kairos  1.1 ...

When I was first approached with the idea of Kairos  and asked to be Assistant Editor, I was excited at the prospect of what I thought this journal could be. As writers like Negroponte and magazines like Wired  and Internet  have discussed, there is a lot of crap (Negroponte's term) out there. I see Kairos  as a place for many opportunities.

First, it is my intention that Kairos  will be a place for teachers (or more appropriately, students) of this writing environment to come and see what's new and exciting in the field of writing in webbed environments. Hopefully, the pieces offered here will motivate and encourage your own work. The pieces were selected to represent a wide variety of areas, and we encourage future submissions to be in any area of this field.

Second, I hope that Kairos  will be a resource for you. We are trying to provide places to visit, ideas to glean from, and htexts to ponder that will aid you in your teaching/researching/learning. We want your responses to this issue--in the form of submissions and letters--and we encourage your opinions on the controversial, your thoughts about the pieces, and your insight and knowledge of the field.

Third, and what I think is one of the most important goals of any Internet-based scholarly journal (although very arguable), Kairos  should act as a "clearinghouse" of sorts for this field. Most researchers of this medium are predicting that one of the largest growth areas for businesses in electronic media is the providing of clearinghouse services. More and more, what is needed are services that compile/sort/categorize information for the reader. And the services that will be relied upon most will be those that can compile/sort/categorize what is perceived as most beneficial to the reader. This journal will hopefully be a place where you can come and see what's best, exciting, creative, unique, resourceful, and thought provoking about this field. It's easy to find the "crap" on the Internet; it's our intent to provide what's the most useful and advantageous for you.

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Kairos 7.3
vol. 1 Iss. 1 Spring 1996