A journal for writing professors about hypertext. Okay. Why not. As I write this in the library, I am reminded of the extensive foci of journals already in existence. One more can't hurt. But I guess that wasn't exactly the sort of reflection Michael was looking for when he asked us for our thoughts on this project.
This journal's existence as a Web page on hypertext for writing professors allows access to anyone who wishes to appropriate themselves as such (assuming they have a computer and know how to navigate the Web). And in many ways we each are and can be assisted by thinking of ourselves as such. Teaching and learning from ourselves as well as those surrounding us that we influence and interact with, even if our official title is one of student, is fundamental to growth. When one ceases to exist as both a student and a teacher, one dies, becoming forever still in a state of rigor mortis. So to prevent that from happening, dialogues must continue. The necessary exchange -- but not in the capitalist sense of exchanging money for goods. There is no subscription fee *here, so this is a friendly exchange of ideas. A willingness that exists between those stepping into and moving out of these roles.

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