"There are many styles to hypertext writing, but Kairos  encourages the submission of hypertexts that utilize multiple internal nodes . . . we seek true hypertext whenever possible rather than marked-up linear texts."

Well I'm glad we've got that clear. There are multiple ways of writing in hypertext, the promotion of which I always had thought was the point of hypertext, but instead here at Kairos  we are only interested in the true style.

"Unsatisfied with the possibility of simply transferring the peer review process from paper publishing to hypertext, we have developed a layered collaboration system of editorial review."

And this new and radical collaborative process begins when:

"The Assistant editor first decides if the text may be appropriate for Kairos. "

Once you become one of the chosen you will be lucky enough to receive assistance from

"The Links Editor [who] will work closely with the editorial board and hypertext authors to ensure submitted works conform to the spirit of these principles."

( Then)