What Matters Who Writes? What Matters Who Responds?

Andrea Lunsford, Rebecca Rickly, Michael Salvo, and Susan West

Lisa Ede and I were stunned once we began to realize the degree to which all writing is social and, therefore (in our view, at least), collaborative. As a result of this recognition, we have attempted over the years to write "officially" with each other or with others, and to find ways to allow still other voices into our texts--as one way available to us to keep making the point that even when we seemingly write "alone" we are writing with others,  with all those others whose words and voices we carry with us. Why all the credit should go to this supposed autonomous and stable and creative "self" has interested and puzzled us for fifteen years now.

Postmodern (un)grounding * Collaboration * Copy(w)right/Ownership * Possible Futures

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