What Matters Who Writes?

What Matters Who Responds?

Issues of Ownership in the Writing Classroom

Andrea Lunsford, Rebecca Rickly, Michael Salvo, and Susan West


A note on navagating this web:  This text was originally constructed as a keynote address for the NCTE conference held August 10-12, 1995 at Colgate University and was delivered under the same title. Some text has been changed to accomodate hypertextual publication. To follow the text nearly as it was delivered August 11, click the link labelled "Next"  at the bottom of each "page." However, following the text in this manner defeats the purpose of this hypertextual presentation. Explore the structure of the text -- you may find yourself rewarded with your own unique reading experience. There are conceptual links to themes that run through the text (Postmodern (un)grounding,  Collaboration,  Copy(w)right/Ownership,  and Possible Futures ), and navagational links ( Next,  Previous,  and Back ) which should provide you with many reading possibilities. Comments are welcome.

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