Developing writers often lack ideas and skills for continuing, amplifying, and expanding their writing. These cybernetic engines use creative technology to promote the development of higher level writing skills, especially in fiction or poetry writing classes.
Essay Generator
The classic five-paragraph essay is derided as much as it is touted. Despite its drawbacks it can provide developing writers a good model for connecting their ideas. This cybernetic engine creates essays from randomly generated words. Developing writers can use it to see how unrelated ideas can be creatively combined to produce interesting writing. A new essay is created each time the story page is reloaded.
Cybernetic Engines
John F. Barber

Excerpted from Dr. John's Eazy Peazy Guide to Creative Writing

Quote Generator
Other people often say interesting things. Their words prompt thought, response, and reaction. This cybernetic engine produces interesting quotations developing writers can use as the basis for further writing, using their own thoughts and experiences to expand on the original idea. Generator based on a script written by Brandon Checketts. Additional quotes collected by John Barber.
Prompt Generator
Unusual thoughts and ideas can often whack our creativity on the side of the head. The ordinary becomes strange (where an idea comes like a flashlight) and the strange is more interesting than the ordinary. This cybernetic engine produces whacking thoughts and ideas. Developing writers can use it to find an idea they would like to write about. Generator based on a script written by Brandon Checketts. Prompts collected by John Barber.