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Shower-Lourdes: Popular name for trailer-park shrine near Port St. Lucie, Florida, where in 1990 an apparition of Jesus appeared to one-time Wal-Mart cashier Adnarim Lorac while she showered. When Mrs. Lorac peeled the manufacturer’s label off the shower stall she and her husband had newly installed in the second bathroom of their double-wide, an image of the Crucifixion was revealed to her in the glue pattern stuck on the stall wall. The apparition glowed and spoke to the naked, portly Mrs. Lorac: "Love one another." Jesus commanded her to return for another shower on the same day each month, when he would deliver more messages. As word of the phenomenon spread, a growing cadre of believers, seekers, and groupies gathered in the trailer park for the monthly event. The Shower-Lourdes Society, organized by husband Vladimir Lorac in 1991, promotes the transformative power of his wife's drain water and publishes a newsletter for followers, The Shower-Lourdes Report.