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The Holodeck: Holographic Environment Simulators on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager, where people and places are recreated for a variety of recreational and training purposes. Three-D holographic projectors, combined with matter replicators (a version of Star Trek’s innovative matter-to-energy transporter technology), create simulations essentially indistinguishable from reality. Replicated "holodeck matter" is stable within the holodeck but degrades into puffs of energy if removed into the "real" ship. Users can create their own simulations or customize existing programs from a large library of holodeck software. Star Trek crew members have used the holodeck to practice dancing or aikido with simulated partners, go kayaking in simulated rapids, ride simulated horses, and interact with simulated historical or literary figures. Romantic and erotic simulations are an obvious possibility even on wholesome TV series, and in one Next Generation episode, crewman Reginald Barclay suffers "holodiction" or holodeck addiction when his fantasy life interferes with his regular duties.