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Francis "Frank Many-Pens" Figurski: Paroled in 1993 at age 48 after serving only six years for killing Harvard mathematics professor Quentin Kingsley with a marble paperweight and a steel wastebasket. In a copycat crime echoing the case of Theodore Streleski at Stanford, admitted bringing a 16-pound claw hammer to his faculty advising appointment (used by prosecutors as evidence of premeditation), but was convicted of second-degree murder with "diminished capacity" under a Massachusetts law later repealed. Previously spent 21 years in graduate school without completing his Ph.D. Dubbed "Frank Many-Pens" by Canadian-Sioux fellow grad student Jack Mounting-Dog for his trademark overflowing pocket protector. Refused psychiatric treatment in jail. Said in his unpublished memoir Constrained Utopia that he liked prison because he could think imaginatively within imposed limits and study without worrying about making a living. Steadfastly maintained that the brutal beating death was a logical and moral reaction to his prolonged mistreatment as a Harvard graduate student. Added (again eerily like Streleski) that Kingsley had made fun of his shoes, erroneously identified in news reports as wing tips. "They were seamless Kinney’s loafers with a spit-shine on them," said the tall, handsome, shaved-head Figurski in appearances on Good Morning America and Oprah Winfrey. In November, 1993, the New York Transit Authority offered him a technician-trainee position but withdrew the offer three weeks later following negative publicity.