Jenn Stewart, Emily Thompson, Anna N. McDonald, & Andrea Schurr

DSIP Interview Guided Questions

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This document provides a framework for the interview questions for faculty who are participating in the study of the partnership between the Writing Program and the Library Studio to integrate multimodal instruction. Additional questions will emerge from the survey data collected.

Framework Questions

General lines of inquiry

Pedagogical questions (e.g., "Tell me your pedagogical approach to ENGL 1020." "What are your experiences with multimodal instruction?" "How did you prepare to teach multimodal composition?")

Partnership questions (e.g., "How did your class approach multimodal composition?" "How did you feel when you initially incorporated a multimodal element?" "What kind of support did you seek out to assist you in incorporating multimodal instruction?" "What was your initial experience like? How did it evolve in later semesters?")