Stories and Maps: Postmodernism and Professional Communication

Johndan Johnson-Eilola

About the Author

black and white photo of Johndan, white man with glasses and long hair

Author Bio Johndan Johnson-Eilola teaches in the Rhetoric and Composition Program at Purdue University. He has published articles on computers, communication, and culture in Computers & Composition, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Writing on the Edge, Journal of Advanced Composition, and Collegiate Microcomputer and in edited collections including Cynthia Selfe and Susan Hillgoss's Literacy and Computers and Patricia Sullivan and Jennie Dautermann's Electronic Literacies in the Workplace.

Nostalgic Angels: Rearticulating Hypertext Writing, his book on the politics of defining hypertext genres, will be published by Ablex Press in 1997.

Thanks Many thanks to Dickie Selfe and Jeff Galin for thoughtful comments and suggestions on various drafts of this hypertext. I also gained useful insights on many of the topics in here from discussions with Stuart Selber and Jim Porter.

Technology Notes The intermediate drafts of this work were written in Storyspace, with final coding in World Wide Web Weaver and gnu emacs. Graphics were edited in Photoshop and KidPix, and converted to GIF format in Clip2GIF.

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