[View] Viewer, noun

  1. watcher.
    synonyms: beholder, spectator, onlooker, looker-on, audience.
  2. device used in viewing.
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[View] Review, verb

  1. assessment of media, art, or datum.
    antonym: preview.
    construction: six letters, three vowels, three consonants, literal 'pre' fix, root word.
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[View] Reviewer, noun

  1. one who reviews.
    synonyms: critic, commentator, commenter, voice, opinion, and on and on ad infimum.
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This review is a very meta, interactive, poetical sojourn through the text under review and my experience as reviewer. The chapters of Creative Writing Pedagogies are disparate. In the prologue the authors explain, “The chapters in this book offer a dozen different pedagogical avenues…” (2). As reviewer, I thought the best way to review the book was in a discursive style, employing and discussing some of the selfsame theories posited within the pages.      —Addison James

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