The Terrain Less Traveled

Margaret A. Moore

In my creative nonfiction class in spring 2017, we had to compose an essay on a topic of our choice using some type of multimedia component. Coming up with my idea for my topic was easy: I knew that I wanted to do a video on how, contrary to popular belief, you can still lead a successful and adventuresome life even if you use a wheelchair.

The part that I really had to think about was how I was going to put the final product together with my Assistive and Augmentative Communication (AAC) device. In the past, I have found that trying to make any multimedia project on any AAC device causes the device to have glitches or even to crash, and I did not want to risk that, especially right before finals. Also, AAC devices do not allow you to use the speech software to record a narration on a multimedia program that is on the computer side of the device.

I ended up combining the speech capabilities of my AAC device with the camera and iMovie capabilities of my iPhone. I started by compiling my pictures and videos and putting them in my desired order on iMovie, and then I used my phone to record my AAC device reading my narration and to add music. The file was too big for the phone to upload it to YouTube or my email, so I transferred it to my computer and uploaded it to YouTube.

Music References

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