VIII. The Queen's Croquet-Ground


This Twine game examines Alice's agency in Wonderland by taking Alice's encounter with cards and the queen and translating them into hypertext. The text combines the text with the novel with invented text, while reinterpreting the characters of Alice's world through a digital lens (the Queen of Hearts, for instance, wields a power cable while the card soldiers idle away on iPhones.) The metaphor of Alice's encounter with the Queen as her powerful mirror-self allows us to examine the idea of a digital Alice, and Alice's suitability for exploring the concept of networks and avatar selves. Alice's identity is grounded in her ability to reject or accept even the rules of the reality she is presented with, through her own reading of Wonderland: "Carroll puts on the pages of Alice in Wonderland the off-the-page activities of reading that eighteenth-century children's books simultaneously excite and entail: talking, listening, looking, thinking, remembering, focusing, questioning, responding, agreeing, objecting, and even closing the book, as Alice does to the Wonderland creatures when she dismisses them as nothing but a pack of cards" (Brown 355).

Kairos 19.3