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Writing Hub courses are required for some degrees across the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and serve as electives for others. While many of our students come from within our own Faculty, we attract a wide range of students from other faculties such as Science and Engineering, particularly in Summer and Winter School (three-week intensives during semester breaks).

Our flagship course (WRIT1001) and our new cross-cultural writing foundations course (WRIT1000) are offered year-round, in both 12-week main semesters as well as in Summer and Winter School. Our (new) advanced and graduate courses are offered on rotation, but at least once per year. In the links below, we discuss in detail how these courses are purposefully situated to combine the more regonized way of writing instruction in Australia, Sytemic Functional Linguistics, with rhetoric within the multimodal contexts of university and workplace writing.


WRIT1000: Writing English – Style & Method

WRIT1001: Writing & Rhetoric 1 – Academic Essays

WRIT1002: Writing & Rhetoric 2 – Argumentation

Professional Writing & Communication

All Hub courses meet for three contact hours per week in some combination of lecture, tutorial, or seminar, with all courses featuring a hybrid model of delivery that incorporates face-to-face and online instruction. Small group tutorials (seminars) are held in a 24-person, custom-designed networked classroom.

From 2013, the Hub will offer two additional courses: WRIT2002: Advanced Writing & Research and WRIT3001: Rhetoric in Australian Society. These additions will ensure that writing support is available to students beyond first year, particularly since several degree programs at the University of Sydney do not offer a first-year curriculum.