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Virginia Kuhn


The potentialities of the digital require us to radically reimagine the graphic facet of written language, even as pictures become semiotic units of meaning that can be cut up and pieced back together in a continuous metonymic stream that turns representation on its eye, bearing no indexical relationship to the world. In this environment, narrative breaks down, sovereignty is in unrelenting flux, a constant (partial) dialogue between individuals and institutions. Our digital practices affiliate and separate; we image ourselves by naming our parts.

Identity in w/holes; no longer metaphoric, the "I am" won't do. Lone identities. On loan. All the lonely people. The traditional artifacts don't translate. Invigorate.


I.[Opening image: Magritte's] "Ceci n'est pas une pipe."
[title text:]
by virginia Kuhn

II.           [Semiotext cover image]: This is Not a Program

III.          [Various Images with shifting text]:
this is
not art
not art
this is
this is not
a paper
this is not
a presentation
this is
this is
a mixer
When considering remix culture and the affordances of the digital [blinking eye]
the Althusserian notion that ideology is ultimately material is well worth remembering.
[blinking eye]
Althusser argued that an individual's choices, desires, preferences, and
judgments are products of his or her social practices.

IV. Clip from The Ties that Bind:
When I was a kid
I never understood
why my mother hated
fireworks so much

V. Animated face
this is not a man
Further, these practices
help society for the individual
in its own image
[blinking eye]

VI. Scrolling text
fMRI |
body data |
body image |
imaged bodies
not believing

VII. Cover of The Phaedrus
I cannot help feeling, Phaedrus,
that writing is unfortunately like painting;
for the creations of the
painter have the attitude of
life, and yet if you ask them
a question, they preserve
a solemn silence
[276 c8-12]Plato

VIII.        [Image Painting] = lie
[Image Painting] = half |truth

worlds of
image pieces






worlds of
image pieces

in pieces

in pieces

this is not scholarship

this is not an essay
[kinetic typcography;
but you weren't free]

this is not cinema


[scrolling text i believe … i love]

not a story

not a lecture

not an argument

not a metaphor





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