• Writing a Professional Life on Facebook

    Timothy J. Briggs

    In "A Reply to Facebook Critics," D. E. Wittkower (2010) asserted: "The things that happen on Facebook are really pretty meaningless. Not that they can't have meaning, but simply that they don't. Or, at least, they don't until we get our collective hands on them" (p. xxii). In this video, I follow Wittkower's lead and present my experiences using Facebook for my professional life. Based on these experiences, I contend that Facebook can be valuable to faculty in rhetoric and composition as both a site for professional conversations and a social network that enables users to create and maintain social capital.

    For the best viewing experience, adjust the YouTube settings to 1080p HD. Download the transcript.



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    Timothy J. Briggs is a Special Lecturer in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric at Oakland University.