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The svr2 event was designed to provide pedagogical support to first-year writing teachers in the UA Writing Program who were interested in spatial and visual rhetorical praxes, and the context and background of our audience for the event was an important consideration in determining its scope. We realized, for example, that installations and workshops would offer different types of engagement, and both types of projects would allow participants to wander through the event without having to track themselves into one of the 20-minute windows of time for the workshops. As members of our Writing Program, our audience was mainly graduate student teachers studying in one of five graduate programs: English Language Linguistics, Creative Writing, Literature, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, or Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English. These programs grant MA, MFA, or PhD degrees, and the graduate students have diverse strengths as teachers of composition. Our program employs adjuncts who contribute to our teaching and intellectual community as well. The Writing Program serves approximately 12,000 undergraduate students each year in a range of first-year and advanced composition courses, and students are often required to craft essays or multimodal projects that include spatial and visual analyses. Most of our instructors encourage, or require, students to participate in some public forum, displaying their projects and engaging an audience. In fact, many instructors participate in the First Year Writing Showcase that is an annual event hosted by the Writing Program where hundreds of second-semester composition students display and discuss their public argument projects.

The event program provides brief descriptions of the installations and workshops that were offered at our event (If you rollover a description, you can more clearly read its summary, which are short descriptions of each of the projects in this webtext, as discussed in the Logging On column as well):

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All the presenters of the event also provided materials that would benefit their fellow teachers, and we collected these resources in a webpage.