At the Computers and Writing 2011 Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Gail E. Hawisher was celebrated for her many contributions to the field. Hawisher, retiring as Professor of English and Director of the Center for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois, served as the long-time Editor of Computers and Composition: An International Journal; a Founding Executive Editor of Computers and Composition Digital Press; a member of the CCCC Executive Committee; a co-Editor of the CCCC Bibliography of Composition and Rhetoric (1993-1996); and a Series Editor of New Dimensions in Computers and Composition (Hampton), New Directions in Computers and Composition Studies (Ablex) and Advances in Computers and Composition Studies (NCTE), series which have contributed over 35 scholarly books to the field since 1989. Hawisher was an author or editor of 12 books and numerous articles in such journals as College Composition and Communication, Research in the Teaching of English, the English Journal, the Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Written Communication, MLA's Profession, and College English. At the Computers and Writing 2011 conference, Hawisher gave a keynote address entitled "Our Work in the Profession: The Here and Now of the Future." The video below includes contributions from scholars who wanted to share their thoughts about Gail upon her retirement. It was presented during her keynote at C&W 2011 and is co-published in C&C Online.

Video editing by Cynthia Selfe, Ohio State University

Captioning by Julia Voss, Ohio State University


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