Student Technology Survey

June 30, 2010

I saw that you mentioned the technology survey I used with my first year writing students, and now use with my high school students. Here is the prompt:

  1. Think of the technology that you use the most [iPod, computer (Facebook, Myspace, etc.), TV, cell phone (texting), etc.].
  2. Write a one-page description/reflection on your use of this technology. In this one pager you must:
    1. Specifically describe how much you use it. For example, look up how many text messages you used yesterday (yes, it’s ok to pull out your cell phone and check) or how many times you check your Facebook page in a day/week.
    2. Describe what you use it for.
      1. Reflect on this use by answering the following:
      2. Connect your use of technology to the influence of technology in our society in general.
      3. How do you feel about the amount of time you spend using this technology? Is it too much?
      4. Should we, as a society, be worried about the overuse of certain technologies?

List of Notes:

Evelyn Lauer