Goldilocks and the Three (or Four) Digital Scholarship Books; or,

Reconceptualizing A Role for Digital Media Scholarship in an Age of Digital Scholarship:
A Review Webtext


Cheryl E. Ball, Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240 USA



This review webtext discussed four books: Christine Borgman's Scholarship in a Digital Age, John Willinsky's The Access Principle, Kathleen Fitzpatrick's Planned Obsolescence, and Marcel O'Gorman's E-Crit. In light of these four books on digital scholarship and my current role as editor of Kairos, I discuss the journal and the future of digital media scholarly venues within the humanities.

Keywords: Borgman; digital media; digital scholarship; Fitzpatrick; humanities; Kairos; O'Gorman; peer-review; scholarship; Willinsky



Reading Instructions

This review webtext is built in Prezi. It may take a few seconds to load, so please be patient. I recommend viewing it in Fullscreen mode and, initially, following the built-in paths, which will take you linearly through each of the four books being reviewed. You will notice two things pretty quickly: (1) There is plenty of marginalia (and sometimes easter eggs) that are not included on the prescribed path. (2) To access the marginalia, which contains some of my more intimate thoughts (and rants) about the books and digital scholarship, you will have to use your mouse or trackpad to feel your way through the text. In other words, you will have to navigate by zooming in/out and dragging the text to different locations to get at all of the content I have included. You will have to play around to figure out how this works on your own computer.


So that readers can access this text in multiple ways, I have provided a PDF transcript of the written contents (and one Venn diagram) of this review webtext. Marginalia comments are included in the PDF as Comments, which screen readers should be able to access. Readers will have to use Adobe Reader or Adobe Professional (not Preview, available on Macs) to access the Comments. If you choose this option, please note that I had some trouble creating the document in Adobe Pro when lots of the Comments were left open. If you can't access this version, contact me and I'll see what I can do.