i’m like … professional

a film (with notes) by bonnie lenore kyburz
utah valley university


a note to clarify (and about image clarity):

Welcome. I always appreciate a filmmaker who says little prior to a screening; this, as a way of leaving the film’s meaning and interpretation wholly to the viewer. (The film is embedded in the prezi, above.) There is plenty of behind-the-scenes-type information to come. Here, I want simply to clarify and offer a sort of disclaimer regarding what you are about to see.

The Blubaugh video interview took place in Skype. As I was using a free version, I suppose I should have expected that image-to-audio synchronization would be rough, and it is, to be sure. Attempting to address this aesthetic “error,” I had considered using still images of Blubaugh over the audio (a Blubaugh convention), but (a) I didn’t want to simply copy Andy, and (b) given that my film is exploring a punk ethos that attends DIY filmmaking, I decided that the rough nature of the video created appropriate content. In fact, I finally came to love the scruffy nature of the interview footage, including the “beep” of Andy’s incoming request from another Skype user. These are the sorts of details that reveal the complex, cinéma vérité nature of the DIY experience.

how to navigate the prezi:

  1. Start the prezi, embedded above, by clicking on the right-arrow icon located at the bottom of the prezi screen. That will load the prezi and give you more menu options, which are located across the bottom.
  2. Get a view of the whole ecology of this piece by clicking the pegged circle button (Pegged Circle Icon). This will zoom you out. You should see all of the nodes, including catalog copy, introduction, the film, q & a, special features, bonus artifact, and references.
  3. You may opt to click on More > Full Screen, whereupon you can navigate by clicking the node you want, using the Tab key to go forward, or dragging your mouse to the bottom where the navigation menu (with the directional arrows) will re-appear.
  4. The prezi has a pre-set path. “Catalog copy” is the path’s main entry point. Click on the header (i.e., “catalog copy”), and you will zoom into the node and see its contents more clearly. You may want to use the directional arrows on your keyboard to navigate within the node. You can also use the scroll feature on your mouse to zoom in/out within a node. Once you have seen all that you want to see within a node, use the forward arrow button to advance through to the next node in the preset path. (By now, i really like saying “node”).
  5. Should you choose to navigate the prezi “on your own,” that is, not using the preset path, simply click on a node header (e.g., “references”) to zoom you in to a node. If you become disoriented, you can simply click the pegged circle button, and you will pull back, once again seeing the whole ecology.