Author Biographies

Karen J. Lunsford
is an Assistant Professor of Writing for the Writing Program, University of California, Santa Barbara. She studies how technologies shape argumentation, and her publications include articles in Kairos, Written Communication, JoDI: Journal of Digital Information, and (forthcoming) CCC. Currently, she is interviewing scientists about distributed publication systems.

Jane Faulkner
is the English and French librarian and the Coordinator of Outreach and Marketing at the University of California, Santa Barbara Libraries.

Alison Bright
is a graduate student at the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education at UCSB. Her emphasis is in Language, Literacy, and Composition Studies. She studies writing centers, tutor training, and the teaching of writing.

Vicki Chu
is a microbiology undergraduate at UCSB. The Instructional Development grant generously funds her work as a tech support assistant for the UCSB Libraries.

James K. Ford
is a doctoral student in education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His general research interests are in writing studies, technical communication, and rhetoric. More specifically, he is interested in the way technology (namely enhanced display systems) impacts literacy practices, not only in educational settings but also in the workplace and in common societal practices. He also has a forthcoming publication in The Handbook of Research on Virtual Workplaces and the New Nature of Business Practices.

Steve Miley
is the Manager of Academic Systems in the Instructional Computing Department at UCSB. He is the Project Manager of Course Management and also manages Instructional Computing Labs.

Cassandra M. Nichols
is currently in the Language, Literacy, and Composition graduate Education program at UCSB, and she is a Teaching Assistant in the Writing Program. Her interests lie within secondary English Education, specifically the teaching of canonical literature and the life histories and experiences of student teachers.

Mary Lourdes Silva
is a doctoral student in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She currently studies cognitive development in developmental college writers.