Steven D. Krause, Eastern Michigan University

In Fall 2002, I published "Where Do I List This on My CV? Considering the Values of Self-Published Web Sites." Just about five years later, I was approached by the editors of Kairos to republish and revisit this article. As the abstract for the 2002 article described the piece then, "Given the high value that most institutions put on scholarship that appears in refereed journals or in books produced by well-respected presses, how are innovative, intellectually valuable, well-researched, self-published Web sites to be counted in the processes of promotion, merit, tenure, review, and recognition?"

The definition of scholarship and the value of these sorts of self-published Web sites has changed and evolved since 2002.  In an effort to keep pace with these changes, I originally planned to update this article regularly, and invited readers to check back in a year or so, both to the article as it exists in its original format and as I planned to link to it from my homepage.  With those planned updates, I predicted that my article, initially refereed by double-blind peer review, might begin to morph into a (self?) published Web site of sorts.

This second, revised version revisits this question by confirming old answers, considering new technologies, and raising new problems. I do this by presenting the original College Composition and Communication Online article with hypertextual updates and comments. Version 2.0 is the core text for the revised version, and new text on the Version 2.0 page is indicated in dark gray boxes. In most cases, that text is linked to supplemental pages new to the argument (on this page, the links after Version 1.0 and 2.0, below). You can navigate this article either from this page or from the linked new text on the Version 2.0 page. Navigation menus also appear at the bottom of each new page.