Rethinking The Academy:

Current Efforts

At this moment, the e-works group at UIC is very busy indeed. We have currently been awarded two grants, one to purchase our own server for our own moo-space, and one to support the use of hypertext in teaching in Chicago high schools.

Work continues on our website which will include links to our moo, to various writing tools, to our writing center, and to other classroom and research tools including a collection of syllabi.

We are also presenting a panel discussion involving students, staff, and faculty from a number of disciplines who are associated with e-works at the next SIGUCCS (Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services) Convention in Fall, 1996; SIGUCCS is part of the ACM and its primary audience is administration and staff members of university and college computer facilities.

Finally, we are hard at work on the The TicToc Project, which will bring researchers and teachers from all across the nation to a symposium to be held on UIC's campus Spring, 1997.

We invite others interested in building electronic environments to contact us. Use the e-mail link below, or write to contact James Sosnoski, head of e-works.

You can also reach us from our mailer web page.

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