The GNA N etwork of Educational MOO s

This is a list of professional MOOs connected through the GNA-Net, a network developed and maintained by Gustavo Glusmann of BioMOO. You can visit these MOOs at the addresses given below. To visit any of these MOOs click on the links in the table below, and type 'connect guest'. Once you have connected you may apply for a permanent account by typing '@request user-name for email-address'. Example: '@request Ben for'.

MOO name Address
BayMOO 8888
BioMOO 8888
CollegeTown 7777
Diversity University 8888
Eon 8888
GNA-Lab 7777
Internet Public Library 8888
LinguaMOO 8888
MediaMOO 8888
Meridian 7777
Open Forum 8888
PostModernCulture-2 7777
TecfaMOO 7777
Virtual Online University 8888
Prism MOO 5555
Last updated June 11th, 1996

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