how to find

. . . the tuesday cafe

Usually Tari Lin Fanderclai announces the week's topic and invitation to the Cafe on the major computers-and-writing lists Announcements of new topics can also be found at file://

The topics arise from fruitful and thoughtful discussions on those lists, from ideas raised by new books, from suggestions made by MOOers, from Cafe discussions devoted to topic development. At least once a year, there's usually

Transcripts or logs of past discussions are available, though I think that reading a Tuesday Cafe log, especially on paper, is actually harder than reading it on the screen, as it is happening. The culture at MediaMOO and its purposes require that people planning to quote the MOO logs, especially in published material, get the permission of the MOOers.

to join a cafe discussion

To find the Netoric Cafe,
  1. on most Tuesday nights, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time
  2. telnet to
  3. connect as a guest if you don't have a character on MediaMOO
  4. read the screen for help getting oriented
Once you are ready to join the discussion, type
@go tuesday
If you're not sure about how to MOO, you can find information by checking out Claudine Keenan's article in this issue of Kairos or by beginning with some information about MediaMOO's general policies and rules of behavior.

Introduction to the Tuesday Cafe.
What is the Tuesday Cafe?
What are some of the benefits offered by this kind of community?
What are some of the disadvantages of MOO discussions?
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