Being is Believing:

A Review of Nicholas Negroponte's Being Digital

TyAnna K. Herrington
Texas Tech University
A highly intercommunicating decentralized structure shows far more resilience and likelihood of survival. It is certainly more sustainable and likely to evolve over time" (Negroponte 158).

Nicholas Negroponte's Being Digital  provides another welcome not only into an age of technological ubiquity, but into a way of "being" within technology. Negroponte's uncomplicated, personal tone fools the reader into a sense that his theses are simplistic; however, while he makes the difficult concepts of computer technology simple enough for a neophyte to understand, he also provides readers with a multitude of clues for finding their own "buried treasure" within a text that implies volumes about technologically expandable human potential. It may be purposefully that Negroponte makes simple the complex technological issues, while mapping the difficulties of the human equation, because for many, the technology seems a complication of bits and bytes, while the human issues seem fairly straightforward. In looking at how technology impacts humanity, Negroponte considers the societal issues that surround technology and what it is and could be to actually "be digital."
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