Writing Center Services Online

The number of OWLs seems to grow regularly. If you'd like to see what OWLs offer, try linking to some of the following sites. Each site will offer differing sets of services.

Perhaps you'd rather not visit them now? You can return instead to the front node of this essay.

An Alphabetical Listing of OWLs

The Bowling Green State University OWL

Dakota State University on line writing laboratory.

The Center for Talented Youth at The John Hopkins University.

Kapiolani Community College of Hawai'i Writing Lab.

Malaspina Unversity-College has both a WAC site and a writing centre.

Michigan Technological University Writing Center Homepage.

The North Dakota State University Center for Writers

The Pikes Peak Community College OWL

The Purdue University OWL.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Program in Communication and Rhetoric.

The Roane State Community College OWL.

The Salt Lake Community College Writing Center.

Syracuse University Writing Program's Writing Consultants.

The Texas Tech University Writing Center.

The Texas Woman's University OWL.

The Trinity College Writing Center.

The University of California at Irvine Composition Gopher.

The University of Florida IBM Networked Writing Environment.

The University of Illinois Writers' Workshop On-Line Handbook.

The University of Louisville English Server.

The University of Maine Writing Center.

The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor OWL.

The University of Missouri Online Writery.

The University of Oregon Writing Online Resource Directory for its Composition Program.

The University of Richmond Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum site.

The University of Texas, Austin Undergraduate Writing Center, Research and Education Resources Reference Center and Computer Writing and Research Lab.

The University of Wisconsin Writing Lab Gopher.

The University of Wyoming Writing Center Information online.

The Webb School of Knoxville Middle and Secondary On-line Writing Lab

Stuart Blythe
Purdue University