Brooks and Mara — [02 May 2007, 10:11]

Dialectic perspective on grammarian project

This webtext is primarily a grammarian's project, from its historical perspective grounded in the work of grammarian Marshall McLuhan, to its sifting and sorting inclinations (reigning New Media in via the classical Trivium), to its suggested projects-a new media anthology, a curriculum guide or repository, and its labeling tendencies. We have asked ourselves: how could we more fully incorporate the dialectic into this project?

The most obvious answer was "use a discussion board," and use it as a place to question, theorize, and speculate on both the content of this webtext (i.e. the value of the classical trivium for understanding new media), as well as a place to question, theorize, and speculate on wiki-texts, collaborative scholarship, and open scholarship.

We therefore invite readers of "The Trivium & New Media" to edit and contribute to the already fleshed-out body of the project, or contribute to this appendage, which may end up playing either a supplementary or primary role in the project. Readers / contributors will ultimately shape the discussion board's role.

To contribute to this wiki-based discussion board, simply edit the page and add your voice.

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