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This page is one example of a communication channel. We used this page while we were working on this article. It is as simple as posting your question/comment at the top of the page and then inserting a line to separate the posting. We have found this to be a very efficient way of communicating as we do collaborative writing. We simply click over to the Chat Page and put in our thoughts and then click back to the document we are writing. Much easier and faster than sending an email or even an IM.

We need to fix the collaboration link on the Wiki and Composition Theory space.

I think you were right about the Blue title (thought it has been a while). This newer version wiki and the side bar make the sidebar blue like Dividers if you just use one exclaition mark.

I do believe you. Don't take it out just because I didn't understand it. I didn't see where you had discussed it in the text but I might not have read closely after you put it in. I liked the free lunch quote but didn't know that it connected to TANSTAAFL. I got to thinking more about it later and wondered if maybe one of my cats had run across the keyboard and typed it in.

You won't believe this, but I was trying to make a connection to fiction (yeah, me, hard to believe, I know). Robert A. Heinlein (a favorite author) had a theme that re-occured in much of his stuff: TANSTAAFL= "there aint no such thing as a free lunch". Sounds silly, but I live by that and am always trying to connect to it. He wrote mostly sci-fi, but I am convinced that was only a screen, a way he could slip in his political and philosophical views on life without getting caught. If you never read "stranger in a strange land", you should someday. Anyway, I thought it fits the way that we don't get something for nothing, that wiki authors have to work harder for what they get. I took it back out though, cause it probably does not make sense unless you have read Heinlein. The wiki/Wiki thing is a tough one, but I tend to agree with you. I once had an idea that the capital W should refer to Cunningham's original Portland Pattern Repository Wiki, and that everything else should be lower case. I think now that you are right and we should be consistent, and probably capitalize, or we will confuse our audience.

On the What is Wiki? page you have the subheading Simplicity, Flexibility, and TANSTAAFL. I'm not sure what TANSTAAFL is? It sounds pretty funny. Are you testing me on something? Also, I have been going through and capitalizing Wiki and/or Wikis since we haven't been consistent with that. You probably would not capitalize but I am capitalizing it. If you feel strongly about not capitalizing it I'll go back and change. I know your reasons for not capitalizing make sense and follow the rules better.

I like all this a lot, except for one thing: blue. We associate blue with links, and if it is not a link it makes you click on... not a link. I can't make it go in the center either, It is the ! headings. It will have to be a table with disappearing lines, because these need to be real html headings on the title page.

Here's what I'm thinking. If we could get the title (in blue) in the center of the page and then put the other links around it, that would sort of fit with our idea of the flexibility, fluidity, etc. of Wiki. I played around with it some but as you can see everything's still left aligned. You can probably make it look better.

I really like it, I changed a few I's and my's to our and we. Remember to include a p-word when you send; I can move to a new group if needbe.

I added some more of the Spinuzzi and Zachry stuff. Look at what I added and see what you think.

I worked on the collaboration page and moved a bunch of other stuff to the main page under the heading 'other stuff'. Use anything you think will fit anywhere.

Should we move this entire thing to a group of its own where it does not have a name on the top? There are advantages to a separate group. Also, do you think we should we be persistant about leaving this on a wiki? We could add a link to a chapter or two, brief instructions how to contribute. We could submit an html version and include a link to a wiki version.

Monday at 12:30 is good. Slow going for me as well. Life is catching up, but most of all I am brain tired.

  • Murray, Donald. “Writing and Teaching for Surprise.” College English. 46.1 1984 ---- the only way to get this that I know of is to go to the stacks, College English is not on any databases. If you like, I will stop on Monday and make a copy if the library is open.

I added some of Murray's points on the theory page. It's been slow going. I'm going to try to find a copy of his article "Writing and Teaching for Surprise." I'm grading more than relaxing and not getting as much done as this as I should. Can we meet Monday at 12:30?

I have been writing on the collaboration stuff and will post a big chunk tomorrow (sun 19 dec). I'm also including a bunch of bits and pieces from my thesis that might work in other sections. I e-mailed Patrick re- borrowing a place to post for submission and also about the local install thing. I hope you are getting to relax more than I am. When are we supposed to meet on Monday 20th? trh 18Dec

Meet Wed 10Nov04 at 2-4

In your writing on the Wiki Article you voiced a couple of thoughts I had this AM after reading your e-mail and responding. First thing is about the limited value of the survey - it is of limited value and we should say that up front. What the survey data did do is what research should do - it led to other questions. I set us up a discussion page so we can communicate there close to where we write and not have to track all these e-mails. I like reverse chrono-order. What have your students decided on that, and where is that link to that discussion they had on setting up discussion pages? tommy

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