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First published in Kairos 13.1

2008 CCCC Reviews Overview

Conference Experiences: Impressions/Sights/Sounds

NOLA Description

A Broad View of CCCC 2008

The Call to Conference: Juggling, Struggling, and Choosing our Realities at the Four C’s in New Orleans

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Gathering

Reception at the Aquarium

Conference Review: Charles Bazerman Dancing at CCCC 2008


Opening Session

Session A.6: Writing beyond the Discipline: Alternative Strategies for 'Making It' in Rhetoric and Composition

Session A.9: How to Get from Here to There: Research on Student Writers’ Self-Assessment, Reflection and Goal-Setting

Session A.15: Cognitive Science and Scientific Research for Composition Studies

Session A.16: Disrupting the New Order: Resistance to Evolving Web Standards

Session A23: Technological Transformations: Distance Education and Writing Centers

Session A.24: 2007 Survey of Doctoral Programs in Rhetoric and Composition

Session A.28: Rubrics, Realities, and Responsibilities

Session A.29: Exposing Some Basic Realities: A Conversation about BW Strategy from Portfolios and Stretch Courses to Studios and Mainstreaming

Session A.31: Ecocomposing in the FYC Classroom: Writing in the Service of Advocacy and Sustainability

Session B.6: Whither English

Session B.10: Changing Writing, Alternate Realities: Games and Game Theory in the Writing Classroom

Session B.19: Computing across Cultures: Learning Intercultural Competencies through International Exchanges

Session B.37: Going Public: Can Teachers Find a Public Voice?

Session C.5: Doing the Right Thing: The Realities of the Untenured Professor

Session C.6: Shaping WPA Work I: Diachronic and Sychronic Perceptions of Writing Program Administration

Session C.15: Where is the ‘Rhetoric’ in Rhetoric and Composition?

Session C.24: Departmental WID in International Perspective: Changing Realities for Writing Across the Curriculum

Session D.11: National TYCA Interview Project: Righting the Realities of Persistent Challenges in Teaching with Technologies (Onsite and Online)

Session D.21: Evaluating Digital Scholarship: A 'More Capacious Conception'

Session D.26: Writing the Holocaust: Challenging Assumptions in the Contact Zone

Session D.33: Not Just 'Waiting on the World to Change': Research that Matters in Required Writing Courses

Session D.38: Rewriting the Institutional Reality through a Common Reading Program

Session E.19: Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age

Session E.21: The Reality of Writing: Alternative Perspectives of

Session E.33: Transitions to College Writing and Reading: Cultivating Performative Literacy in Freshman English Classes

Featured Session F: The Shape of Things to Come: Higher Education in the Aftermath of the Spellings’ Commission Report

Session F.6: Researching Fully Online Instruction: Assessment, Pedagogy, and a New Theory of Hybrid Online Learning Environments on the Border of the 'Real' and 'Virtual' Worlds

Session F.17: 'That shit is plagiarism by any definition': Conceptualizing Cheating in an Academic Context

Featured Session G: Writing, Word Use, and Health: A Social Psychological Perspective

Session G.2: Not Just a Bullet on an Outcomes Statement: Taking Civic Literacy Seriously

Session G.21: 'Why Are We Reading This Stuff Anyway?' Using Keystone Essays to Integrate Reading and Writing in the Composition Classroom

Session G.37: Designing New Media Systems of First-Year Composition Delivery across Multiple Institutions

Session H.7: What Counts? The Changing Realities of Scholarship

Session H.9: A New Era of Teacher Research: Revising Methodologies in Critical Classrooms

Session J.11: Imperial and Religious Rhetorics in Renaissance England

Session J.19: Re-Mapping Technological Territories

Session J.30: Leaving Reality Behind: Fantasy, Virtual Space, and Literacy

Session K.16: Where Everyone Knows Your Username: The Realities of Cyberspace as Third Space

Session K.20: Student Expertise and Knowledge Transfer: Teaching Research Writing in the First Year Academic Writing Class

Session L.4: Think-Tank for Newcomers Developing Papers and Sessions for CCCC 2009Literacy

Session M.5: The Other Has a Passport, Too: Resisting Hegemonic Travel Discourse

Session N.17: Composed in the Wake of Disaster: (Re)Writing the Realities of New Orleans

Session O.12: YouTube U: Home Video Goes to College


Qualitative Research Network

The Twenty-first Annual Research Network Forum

CCCC Computer Connection

Invention in the Digital Age: New Approaches to Thinking about Writing

Editing Sound as Text: The Waveform Alphabet

The Social Network as CMS: Using Facebook to Power Communication

CCCC Reviews Editors:

  • Jonathan Alexander
  • Chris Dean
  • Will Hochman
  • Fred Siegel
  • Randall McClure
  • Hannah Dickinson
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