"Year Zero": victor.j.vitanza (c) 0000.

   Moving towards The Crumb, I want to turn to a more MessiAnTic, Messy-essayistic wayves of thinking, about Faces. Or about Faces that are not faces, totally erased. Because they have crumbled as Agnes's face crumbles in the liquid-mirror, the liquidity of the mirror, the liquidation offered by(e) the mirror. Earlier I referred to the faceless as the wo/man.less without qualities, without content. Which could be Agnes, or her self crumbling before her. But my allusion was to the character--who is by no means a conventional character at all--Ulrich in RMusil's novel The Man Without Qualities, which inspired a history of aesthetics by Agamben--specifically, The Man Without Content.

Quite ingeniously, while talking about the essay--but Montaigne's essay, not the school essay--the implied author of RMusil's novel tells us:

The teachings of the inspired crumble into dust in the rationality of the uninspired, crumble into contradiction and nonsense. (301)

Much that RCrumb has to say easily lends itself, in the genre of philosophical and academic discourse, to mere crumbs of thoughts that are made but by way of waste. Let's face it, definitional, dialectical, thinking, point-line-point thinking, creates waste or crumbs that but spill to the floor, or sometimes to the ground (grund) and that un/just lie t.here. Baudrillard is fairly persuaded that all is going to be CRUMB because the negative, which is the engine that drives our academic thinking, dialectic, is withdrawing in our everyday lives, and all that we have poured into the septic tank to make for the squeekly clean polis, is returning, like the repressed always returns, in the form of monstrous faces to scare us, or embarrass us, or whatever us, and with a vengeance.

   What follows .... Well, let's say that it is R-rated. Presented ... R-esented, as ...

... I would like to call this ... which returns ... "the problem of Crumb". But of course you can say that we have always had the problem of crumb,
or crumbs on the floor, and that is why we have brooms and vacuum cleaners, etc. Which of course is my pointless. But the end is near, my friends. The times, they are a-changin'! Let's listen to what the Crumb has to say:

   But in less philosophical terms, let me comment 'some more' on (this clip of) "the Problem of Crumb"ling: ....