"othered" outside


I learned that one collaborator was planning to leave the Dean of Students' Office for a job in a town a few hundred miles north, at a university half this size. The city I am currently located in seems to be a way station for many, both on-campus and off, in the general community and the Deaf community alike. Professors find their "first jobs," graduate students (such as myself at the time) "do their time," and activists cut their teeth only to leave for more dynamic cities. Even the housing situation here reflects this itinerant quality. One can not find a house to rent (in decent shape), but apartments are plentiful. However, the quality of life in these places differs so radically that itinerant living is the best (and kindest) title I can give it. Perhaps I'm revealing too much of myself here, yet as my significant other and I search for decent living quarters, we have been astounded by how few rental properties are available and how poor the condition of many of these properties.

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