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Nick Carbone, Reviews Editor

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Searching for a Web Resource Guide 
by Michael D. Berndt 

 This review marks the author's search for an appropriate Web resource guide for his writing courses. A comparison of three textbooks, this essay examines how each supports different approaches to the integration of the Web into a course--from traditional to transformative. Links to each textbook's website are attached. 

 Wired Style: Principles of English Usage  
      in the Digital Age (Hale) 

 The Everyday Writer: A Brief Reference  
      (Lunsford and Connors) 

 Online! A Reference Guide to Using  
      Internet Sources (Harnack and Kleppinger) 

A Review of the Bedford Handbook 
by Chitralekha De Duttagupta 

 Recognizing that students spend only a small fraction of their time in our classrooms, this review examines a popular handbook in light of its ability to help students learn about writing on their own, outside of class. 

 The Bedford Handbook, 5th edition (Hacker) 


Print and Its Discontents 
by Myron Tuman 

 In his recently-released book, Purves (d. 1998) asks the big question that concerns many teachers of writing--How is the technology of the Web changing the nature of text and of literacy? In this review, Myron Tuman examines Purves's attempts to answer such questions, situating the work in a larger discourse about the present and future of literacy, culture, and technology. 

 The Web of Text and the Web of God:  
      An Essay on the Third Information 
      Transformation (Alan Purves) 

A Review of Transitions: Teaching Writing in Computer-Supported and Traditional Classrooms
by Viktorija Todorovska 
This review gives a summary and overview of complex study of how teachers and students change the way they approach writing and the teaching of writing when they change classrooms, some going from computer-supported to traditional and some going from traditional to computer-supported.


KAIROS Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments.
Vol. 3 No. 2. Fall 1998