Kairos Reader/Author Interactions Forum

C&W '98 Conference

Sunay Sessions 10:45-Noon

Abstracts are not available for all presentations.

Rolfs 105
Technology and the Tenure Process: Strategies for Change in Rewarding Faculty Innovation

Rethinking the Categories for Tenure--And the System Itself
Leslie D. Harris, Goucher College

The Chimera of Progress
Jane Lasarenko, Slippery Rock University

Reconciling Technorhetoric with Promotion and Tenure Guidelines
Barry M. Maid, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Rolfs 115
The Heat of Exchange: Confronting the Velocity of Electronic Rhetoric

The "Toolness" of Known Anonymity Through First Class Client and Multi-Geographic Collaborative Peer-Groups
Rich Rice, Ball State University

Virtual Contact Zones: When Teachers Create Technologies
Cecilia Hartley, University of Louisville

Going to Hell in Hyperspace: Nastiness in the Networked Classroom
Jeff Karon, University of South Florida

Rolfs 114
Creating a Community in the Community College Writing Classroom

Creating Learning Communities in the Community College Writing Classroom
Anne Kress, Santa Fe Community College

Abridging the Distance Between Student and Instructor
Brendan Pieters, Santa Fe Community College

Rolfs 314
Balancing Technological Change and Institutional Demands

Preparing Students to Write in Technologically Diverse and Complex Workspaces
Judith Kilborn, St. Cloud State University

Interventions in the Onrush of Technological Change, or Confessions of a Hardware Junkie
Jeffrey Maxson, Rowan University

Rolfs 205
Extensible Classroom Environments: Using the Web to Transform Classroom Interaction

Database-Driven Web Sites: The Next Wave in Online Collaborative Spaces
Michael Chorost, University of Texas at Austin
Collaboration Center

Teaching Literature As Information Technology: Strategies in Courseware Design
John Zuern, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Beyond Reading and Writing Hypertexts: Rhetoric and Democracy in the Electronic Classroom
Carl W. Whithaus, Graduate Center and Queens College, CUNY