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Connecting the Quilts: A Collaborative Core Course for a Writing-Intensive Introduction to Literature

Developing one Web-based writing-intensive introductory literature course is challenge enough, but when one of my colleagues at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond suggested we turn our mutual interest in Web-based instruction in literature into a systemwide initiative--and tempted by the software purchases and reassigned time that would accompany the project--I couldn't resist. Added incentive was the opportunity to collaborate with teachers at several colleges and to learn from their best ideas. Of particular interest to me and to the four colleagues from three other colleges who became our partners in this enterprise was the chance to offer our students ways to interact among campuses. Our goal was to support our own students in their introduction to literature and at the same time to produce a core that our colleagues throughout the 23 Virginia community colleges could use as a starting point for their own classes. And so we spent the hottest days of the summer of 1997 building VCCS Literature Online.

This poster presentation will illustrate the Web pages for the course, review the process of developing the course, analyze the process and the results, and reflect on what we learned. By the time of the conference, we will have used and assessed the site with between two and six classes of introduction to literature, the second of a two-semester composition sequence.

The beta version is on line at

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