Poster Abstract

Hatching an OWL

Because of the recent growth of the World Wide Web (WWW), Many Writing Centers have opted to go "online." As many critics have noted, however, most of these sites are little more than electronic "bulletins" that merely tell clients when a physical writing center is open, or provide electronic "hand outs" that may or may not be useful. The purpose of this poster presentation is to instruct Writing Center/Writing Program personell in the creation of a more effective online writing lab (OWL).

Briefly the Poster will present:

1) software and equipment needed to create a viable OWL; 2) rhetorical issues that OWL authors should consider; 3) how to determine elements to include in a viable OWL; 4) methods of audience analysis to design an OWL for a specific target audience; 5) testing methods to determine effectiveness of the OWL.

On the whole this poster session provides an introduction to authoring and managing a viable OWL. The poster session format allows for maximal contact with participants, affording in depth discussion.

Target Audience: Novice

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