Bridging Gaps: Literacy in the 21st Century

The emergence of new technological tools for writing has brought with it a recognition that our concepts of "writing" need to change as a result. Many of the newer handbooks are now including sections on document design and layout, discussing such features as fonts, colors, and graphics. WWW documents may also include video or audio streaming, and hypertext links. Even word processors now allow for embedding applications and hypertext links into documents. But almost all of the discussions still seem to assume that electronic writing is primarily a text-based form.

Clearly, we need to learn how to evaluate new forms of writing, not as another medium for producing print documents, but as a new form of literacy in its own right. In this paper, therefore, I propose to examine how concepts of "writing" may be changing, and how we need, therefore, to consider new ways to evaluate emerging new forms of writing.

Presenter: Janice R. Walker

Category: Theory and criticism

Target Audience: Advanced

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