We seem to have come a long way in the past 10 years: the days of pioneering and championing are nearly at their end, "technopedagogy" has rapidly become commonplace in classrooms nationwide, and computer support professionals and staff have grown to take a powerful place in the academic workplace. Yet in many ways and for a variety of reasons, this progress is chimerical only, and a new battle has yet to be fought. Where once we battled to gain networked classrooms and email support, we must now fight to save our professional careers. Until large-scale changes congruent with new pedagogical and scholarly demands take place in university administrative channels, all too many young faculty have tenure denials and nervous breakdowns to look forward to at the end of their apprentice periods. As untenured faculty, most of us have little power to change current administrative committees, yet there are things we can do to protect ourselves. I plan to outline the pitfalls that may arise under most current faculty assessment strategies and to present a plan for instigating changes to extend the way(s) in which teaching effectiveness reviews may more adequately reflect the new pedagogical environments.

Presenter: Jane Lasarenko

Category: Administrative

Target Audience: Not Applicable

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