"The Teacher as Student/Author of the Electronic Portfolio"

Questions we must repeatedly consider as educators are: How can we expect our students to do something we ourselves have not yet done?sHow can we expect them to confront something we have not already confronted and experienced? This presentation addresses such issues as writing and reading in in hypertext from one author's perspective. Highlighted in the discussion will be a model electronic portfolio which demonstrates the differences between the electronic writing process and the "traditional" writing process most students experience in college composition courses. This concluding presentation will also highlight the fact that students working in an electronic medium are being shaped in ways no one fully understands. Comforting, however, is the fact that electronic portfolios ask, allow, and invite students to become literate in new, challenging, and complex ways "that we are only now beginning to understand" (Yancey, 1996). Focusing on the panelist's process of writing and compiling an electronic portfolio, this presentation addresses the potential applications of such an experience to the classroom as a call for student discussions of and experimentation with changing definitions of literacy and the electronic composing process.

Presenter: Joseph Wilferth

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