"Paperless Products: An Administrative Consideration of Electronic Portfolios"

For many, electronic portfolios appear to be an attractive and more efficient system of collecting student writing than are the traditional paper portfolios still being used today in many writing classes and programs. Numerous arguments and scholarly discussions detail how and why these technological collections can be beneficial to writing students, teachers, and programs alike. However, despite the positive reports and speculation regarding the use of electronic portfolios, writing program administrators contemplating the use of electronic portfolios are confronted with both pedagogical and pragmatic considerations which problematize this move to paperless products in their writing programs. Ultimately, administrators must answer two crucial questions evolving form these pedagogical and practical concerns: (1) In light of writing's firm roots in the print paradigm, is this move to the electronic forum really a good move after all and (2) if so, what is the plan for implementation of such a move? This panelist will frame her discussion of these two defining issues on the results of a recent study in the use of electronic portfolios at her university.

Presenter: Teresa Murden

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